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For years now I’ve been creating more-or-less annual musings for the entertainment and to the annoyance of friends, family, and, really, anyone else who has crossed my path. These musings are dan-o-grams. Sometimes, they have been issued in the form of verbose stories with pictures attached. More often, they have come in the form of picture postcards with glib punchlines on the flip side. Generally, they are thrust upon the world in the form of New Year’s greetings.

Recently, I began a series of Stories About Furniture: short pieces accompanied by images that, um, tell the story of a furniture-person (or, animal) interaction. The stories might have been inspired by found pictures, or the accompanying picture might have been the original inspiration. You’re free to guess which is which.

Stories About Furniture is a ongoing project and I’m always searching for inspiration. If you have any pictures of furniture in situ that might make for a story, please send them along. I make no guarantees about what I’ll use or how long it’ll take me to write something. But, I’ll let you know when I do.




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